Friday, December 14, 2007

Lots O' Snow

Boy did we get a lot of snow. Probably about 10 inches. So we got home last night around 9 after attempting to make it to my office Holiday party... but we didn't because of gridlock on the highways. So Stephen was all set to snowblow the driveway... and yes, it would not start! We bought this new snow blower last year (a Craftsman) never used it because it didn't really snow last year... and it won't start! Are you kidding me? So Sears tells us to bring it in to a repair shop. Easier said than done. Our Suburban is in the shop getting fixed from last week's rear-ending. But fortunately my Mom is here (came into town to watch Jack so I could go to the party) with her Suburban. So we load the thing into the car this morning and what do you know... yes... I locked her keys in the car. So then we had to call AAA to get us in. That took them 3 hours to get here. Now they just popped the lock for us and we're back in business. In the meantime, Mom took Jack out into the snow to let him play...
Here's a picture of the two of them:

Right after this picture was taken, Jack rolled off the snow pile and into the snow itself. He got snow all over his face and boy did he not like that! So now they are inside warming up, I'm working and I think Jack will be napping soon... yeah.

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