Sunday, December 16, 2007

Heavy Wet Snow

Over the last four days we've probably gotten about 15 inches of snow. And now that it's raining, it's wicked heavy.
Of course our snowblower wouldn't start the other night... (as discussed in an earlier blog entry) so Stephen was contemplating shoveling... again. Then... our doorbell rang. I was joking that it was going to be a neighborhood kid willing to do our driveway for 50 cents the way my Mom used to when she was just a wee-one. But it was our neighbor Tom who was concerned that Stephen was away and I was going to be house-bound. I explained that Stephen was home, but our snowblower was on the fritz. So he and our other neighbor Tim rolled their machinery over to the house and started working away at the huge pile of snow. Stephen headed out as well and entertained the troops as well as shovel a ton of snow. Now the driveway is clean... and Stephen didn't have a heart attack (as his mother fears) shoveling. Here are the three amigos working away at the snow...

Sometimes I'm so happy to be a girl. I would hate to go out and shovel. When Stephen travels I'll have to make sure I play the "helpless female" role to get a little help with the driveway. I have a feeling this is going to be a long winter!

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