Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We got our Christmas tree today. We went to the place we went last year, where you can cut your own down. I thought it would be fun so I even invited some friends to come along. Well we got there and the pickings were more than slim... and the trees were $45. Then the place had some "freshly cut this morning trees" from Maine... but the price for those ranged for $65 to $150. A bit ridic if you ask me. So we left without getting one. We headed a kind of farm-supply store near our house because we knew they had trees for sale. Wow what a selection. Way better than the first place and way better prices. We only paid $34 and the tree is about 7 feet tall and as fat as me.

So we got home and Stephen put the tree in the tree stand and then brought it in. You had to see Jack's face when he saw a real live tree in his house. You know how he loves trees... this had to be a great day for him. He would just look at it and shiver. He loves it. Thankfully his crawling has not progressed much otherwise that tree (and the tree skirt with fringe) would be in serious danger. Tomorrow we are going to decorate the tree... and then I'll post a picture.

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