Monday, April 6, 2009

A visit to the pediatrician

A big milestone today: Jack had his 2 year check-up with the pediatrician today. Not good. Not good at all. As soon as we were brought into the exam room Jack knew something was up. You'd think at this age his memory might not be very good - wrong assumption. He remembers. He remembers all the shots and vaccinations he's gotten there over the last 24 months. Now when I say Jack was not happy I really mean that. Thank God Stephen came to this appointment, don't think I could have handled it on my own.

From the cherry red face, endless supply of tears to the "snot bubble" the size of a softball - it was an ugly scene. And to boot I think the nurses measured him wrong and took his weight incorrectly. I'm going to start measuring his height and weight here at home. Jack was in full on tantrum mode by the time the nurses were done mis-measuring him. It was a bit difficult to talk about his development, eating habits and growth while Jack was trying to catapult himself off my lap. He even bit me on my wrist so hard that my thumb went numb. In the end Dr. Strauss said Jack is doing just great. He's growing. He's thriving. He's learning. He's got personality. Really - I had to pay my $20 co-pay to hear that?

Oh and get this, starting at age 2 they start measuring cholesterol levels. When the doc said that my heart sank ... think of ALL THE BACON! Fortunately it came back in the normal range (as did the iron and lead tests) so we are in the clear. Phew.

He came home totally wiped out and took a 3 and a half hour nap... woke up, wanted to play outside in the pouring rain. I've concluded he's back to normal. Oh one more thing. Tonight when Stephen went to check on Jack after he fell asleep, he found Jack sleeping on a mound of stuffed animals. It looked like he was trying to build a ramp and just ran out of energy or something. It was quite a sight. If I was a little more brave I'd have taken a picture. But I'm a chicken. No picture.

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