Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Perfect "Spummer" Day

That's my new word for a hot Spring day - where it feels like Summer. We tried to spend as much time outside today as humanly possible. Besides Jack's nap he had to be outside for 5 hours today. If he wasn't in the front yard chasing Ryan around then he was out on the back deck trying to climb over the railing.

After Jack's nap this afternoon I took him to the playground at the elementary school near the house (Stephen went golfing). We had the entire playground to ourselves - which actually isn't that much fun. It's more fun to have kids and noise and other parents - but we took advantage of not having to share.

Jack is getting much better at climbing. He has finally figured out how to coordinate his arms and legs to climb up a ladder.

Here he is squatting down to examine the huge ants walking around. Gross.

Perfecting his balance by walking on the wooden ties around the playground.

Yeah! Spummer is awesome!

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