Sunday, April 19, 2009

A great haircut

I guess have subjected Jack to so many haircuts - he's starting to get used to it. When I brought him to Snip-it's today I was fully expecting our typical meltdown. But alas - for sometime he almost enjoyed this one. Could have been the lollipop or the fact that he finally realized there were tv shows playing that he could watch. Not sure. Whatever. It was good and the stylist finally got to cut his hair all over - and she used the clippers on his neck and around his ears.

After the haircut - we celebrated with a Happy Meal at McDonald's. I let Jack sit in the booth without a booster seat which I think he really enjoyed. There was a Cross Country high school team that came in during our lunch and he liked trying to get their attention. The problem is a 15-year really has very little interest in a 2-year old - but he was persistent and finally got them all to say bye to him.

When we got home we had some time to play a quick game of baseball (tee ball) and take a walk in the woods with Ryan and his grandparents. And yes - Jack hugged yet another tree.

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