Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Morning Routine

Jack frequently wakes up in the morning soaking wet. He's a big time pee-er. He positively hates it that I have to strip him down first thing in the morning and get him into alternate clothing. Sometimes I go with sweats but this morning I was just going to get him into his school clothes. I got the pants and socks and shoes on him... no such luck with a shirt. So this is what you get:

Then he asked me to read to him. He chose the Stride-Rite coupon book we got in the mail. Very intriguing stuff here.

Finally got him dressed and went upstairs to bug Dad. It's their ritual every morning to shave together. For Jack's birthday, Stephen got Jack his own shaving kit (Thomas the Train). Here he is gently slathering on the shaving cream.

And here is shaving with his own (plastic) razor.

And time for a quick lounge before we headed off to school... and of course a mama.

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