Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doing a 180

We did a total 180 today. We went from Jack waking up at 3am with a croup-cough to enjoying popsicles on the front porch.

After Jack got up so early he finally fell back asleep in our bed around 4:30 (Stephen smartly went to the the guest room) and woke up around 6:00. But he was not happy. He was cranky baby.

I took him downstairs and he kept trying to get comfy - from lying on the floor with his blankie... curling up on the ottomans.

Finally he found a good spot - on top of me.

When he woke up from his hour long morning nap (around 9am) we went outside to play... rode bikes, threw the football and then we ended up eating lunch on the front porch. Jack is a grazer - so you have to keep his food available for a long time. He will eventually eat most of it - it just takes him a while.

Then Jack and Stephen assessed the lawn situation....

After a good 2 hour nap Jack woke up in a pretty decent mood. For snack I gave him a Dora the Explorer popsicle. A lot of the juice dripped down his chin - and get this - he BITES his popsicle. Argh...

Then we went patio furniture shopping - and stopped at a fun playground on the way home.

He attacked Stephen at the end of the twirly slide...

And had a really good time. The weather was a bit warm (hate to complain!) but it really was. I think it hit 88 degrees here today. I like Spring weather this time of year, I don't even have my shorts out of storage yet.
I saved the best pictures for last. Here are 2 good shots of Stephen throwing Jack up in the air. Jack absolutely loves this... he'd have you throw him in the air all day if your arms could take it. Mine can't - this trick is reserved for Daddy-time.

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