Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Typical Wednesday

Who wants to sit at the kitchen table... when they could have a breakfast picnic in front of the tv? Yes, that's bacon and milk.

This morning I realized I am truly at Jack's beck and call... no problem too small... at least in his opinion. While I was trying to get his room picked up I heard Jack yelling "Mama" from my room - where he was happily sitting on the bed watching Blues Clues. I hurried into the room to find out what the problem was. You know what it was? He had a cat hair on his tongue and he wanted me to get it off. Really? That's what I've been reduced to? I'm a "cat hair on the tongue" remover.

I was tired coming home from work and decided a drive thru would help me get "dinner" on the table faster... it worked.

After dinner... Jack was just hanging around.

He has a new fascination with my bean necklace. So every once in a while I let him wear it for a short time.

Please note the yellow paint all over his cute sweater. Apparently in school today they learned about the color yellow.

Maybe tomorrow they'll learn how to not wipe their hands on their shirt :)

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