Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Big Birthday Party!

I know... I know... I haven't updated the blog with anything in more than a week. My excuses include: party preps, party doings and party clean-up... Not like I did this all on my own or anything. I had Stephen doing most of the work - as he should :)

The party was a great success - other than the SNOW that started to fall right before it started! I had to wake Jack up from his nap to get him to the party on time. So needless to say it took him a while to really come to life... eventually he did, but the first 45 minutes or so he stayed glued to my side.

Here is Jack eyeing the chip and pretzel bowls... which would eventually turn into his main source of food for the day.

As the party got rolling, Jack's grandfathers (Pooh and Grandpa Tractor) chatted...

No face painters this year - just a roll of paper and two boxes of crayons. Seemed to work for the kids though.

Then it was time for cake - actually cupcakes! As Jack went to blow out the candles he got a little excited and tried to eat the fire! I tried to stop him but he moved too fast - pretty sure he may have singed his little lip. Sorry Jack!

Yum... these candles taste good!

Feeding Grandpa Tractor a little cake...

Eating a cupcake with my buddy Ryan!

Time for presents! Jack's cousins were all very helpful in opening the gifts... and ripping all the wrapping paper off.

After he opened his gifts... we had a bit of a diaper issue. In fact the diaper gave way (probably from all the orange soda that he drank!). So yes... the pants came off... and Jack loved every minute of it. As Jack's (Great) Aunt Joanne and Uncle Ed pointed out... we hope this doesn't set a precedent for all future birthday parties.

Taking a little break with his cousin Lucie... and of course some orange soda.

Running... not with scissors... but an Elmo balloon.

Trying out his news Mets stool that he got from Ryan...

Thanks Grandpa Tractor...

Ta Da! And that was the party... as usual we over-ordered in the food department. If you're in the mood for about 2 feet of a 6 foot sub... give me a call... it's in the fridge.

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