Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The process has begun... turn the blog into a book. I've always said that this blog is really my electronic baby book. I never did the one that I planned on - you know, the one with the wrist band from the hospital to the clipping of Jack's hair from his first haircut. For Mother's Day last year Stephen offered to get the blog book done - I tried to do it myself but it was just too confusing and too much work to get it to look right. With so many entries it was just a daunting task. Now we've found a guy in the next town over who will actually take each entry and lay it out so it looks great and insert the pictures where appropriate. Yeah - I'm excited!

Check out a picture of Jack from Saturday - we were on our way to our neighbor Caitlin's 1st Communion party at the clubhouse. Jack is Mr. Cool...

Jack likes to step on things. After grocery shopping one day he was "helping" me unpack the food. The next thing I know he's stomping on the hamburger rolls. Why, why, why? No clue. But the other day I found him standing (or crouching) on his toy garage.

As you know, Jack is a decent lounger... in the next two pictures he shows you his ability in this area.

What a po po! I swear he has the best butt ever. It's just perfect! Love it... want to bite it!

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