Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Busy Weekend

I like to keep our weekends jam packed - I think it makes it more fun for Jack and helps me (or Stephen) keep my sanity. This was certainly the case this weekend. From heading down to Newport to visit (Aunt) Donna, swimming lessons, playing, grocery shopping and "truck touching."

First we headed down to Newport on Saturday morning. Donna was down there with some girlfriends from NJ (celebrating a birthday) so Jack and took the drive down to basically say hi. It only takes about 50 minutes from Foxboro - I never knew it was so close. We have to go down there more often it was so beautiful. We attempted to walk around town and go into shops but Jack wanted no part of that. He's really "on the move" these days and would like to keep it that way. So if you're thinking of taking Jack to a store - you best make it snappy or you're going to have a wormy little man on your hands. I took a picture of Jack as he napped on trip down to Newport. I think forgot to take my camera out the entire time I was down there.. whoops.

After we got back Jack refused to nap so it was loooong day for me. He ended up playing next door with Lauren on the hammock and then we went to the grocery store - I almost ran out of diapers - and that would have been ugly.

This morning Jack woke up in a stellar mood... ready for bacon and milk... and some strawberries. Finally getting fruit into him on a more consistent basis.

Then we headed to swimming lessons. That pool is so chlorinated - totally dries your skin out during that 30 minute class. Today we focused on getting Jack to actually move his arms and attempt to swim. He can be a bit stubborn. Imagine that.

After swimming we went to "Touch a Truck" day. There was supposed to be a school bus, firetruck and police car... but for some reason they weren't there. But there were some bulldozers, dump trucks and a little race car. Here is Jack sizing up a tree removal truck:

Ohh... bet this can move a lot of dirt.
Jack thought he could just run up to the truck and get on ... never mind the 10 kids in line ahead of him. He learned a good lesson in patience today.
Beep! Beep!

After touching some trucks I took Jack to McDonalds... he enjoyed the french fries on the way home. He agrees that they are best hot and you really can't wait to eat them :)

Then when we got home he ate one of his chicken nuggets and then took off with my hamburger. I guess you can call him the "Hamburglar?"

Not sure why he got mad at me... but this is the face he gives you when you try to get him to do something he's not interested in doing. Scary.

After Jack's epic 3 and half hour nap... we woke up and went outside to play. Ran over to Ryan's to say hi... and then went around back to use his slide. He can finally climb up the ladder and swing his legs around to go down feet first.

After sliding... Sarah and I took the boys in their strollers for a walk around the neighborhood. When we got back Jack thought it was a good idea to have a "freeze pop." Nothing better than sharing a popsicle with a friend :)

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