Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Big Day Tomorrow

It's a big day tomorrow for Jack. Tomorrow is his first day at the new day care. Yikes! It was so sad saying goodbye to his teachers and friends today at the Y. He's been there since he was just 10 weeks old... they taught him so much and helped us become better parents along the way. Sure he bit a few kids along the way and the parking lot was totally insane... but all in all it was great place for Jack for almost two years.
So tomorrow we are going to take Jack in for a half day. We're going to stay for about 30 minutes and then we can observe through the closed circuit tv's in the director's office. I just hope he stops crying (or actually, never starts crying) after we leave the room.
Do you think he'll make friends? Do you think the teachers will like him? Do you think he'll be okay? We're nervous... but hopeful.
After his half day at school we're going to head to NY - my big running race is Saturday morning. Okay, it's not a "big" race - only a 5k... but that's big to me! I'm hoping to finish in less than 40 minutes. Keep in mind the winners will cross the finish line in about 15 minutes. How embarrassing! Glad I'm bringing my own cheering section...

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