Friday, May 15, 2009

"Doing? Doing? Doing?"

"Doing? Doing Mama?" That's the basic line that Jack has been using on me consistently for the past week. Even if I've just answered "what I'm doing" he will ask it again - he is the king of repetition. When does this stage end?

When we got to school today there was a firetruck! They were called because there was a slight medical emergency (no big deal) - but as you know the entire fire world has to respond when the Y calls for help. Anyway - it made Jack's day to see the firetruck up close and to have a real fireman say hi to him. Wait 'til he finds out Grandpa Tractor is a fireman too... he might burst with excitement.

After I picked Jack up from school we came home to a yard full of kids! Lauren and Caitlin - and a handful of their friends were frolicking in the front yard. Then I saw Ryan (with Sarah) coming down the road too. It was like being welcomed home by the paparazzi! Jack took it all in and then dove in for some fun. Riding bikes, running around, playing with the bubble machine, watering the plants... you get the picture. Our neighbor Lauren - who is 4 years old - told me when I was leaving to go pick up Jack at school that she'd be waiting under our front tree when I got back - she wasn't lying!

For dinner we headed next door to have pizza(!) and french fries with Ryan. Ryan of course sat in his chair and actually ate dinner... where as Jack took 4 bites and took off. Can't get the kid to sit down at the table for more than 4 minutes.

After Ryan ate his pizza, green beans, french fries, Pirates' Booty and cucumbers... Sarah took out the Playdoh and the boys squished that around for a bit.

Sarah has the kids do Playdoh on waxed paper. Seems to keep the majority of it from getting ground into the rug.

Now Jack is safely tucked away in the crib after I read "Peek A Moo" to him about a dozen times. Yes... repetition... we like that.

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