Monday, May 18, 2009

In his defense...

The kid Jack bit today at school deserved it. Well, I guess technically no one deserves to be bitten. But the kid was asking for it... pushing all Jack's buttons. This according to his teacher who filled me in during my daily call today. Apparently the kid kept coming over and trying to take the toy that Jack was playing with ... Jack was going to have none of that today and resorted to chomping on the kid's arm. (Didn't break the skin) As is the case with any "incident" - they never tell you who he bit. They also don't tell the other kid who bit them... guess it cuts down on parental vigilantism. One thing they might not count on is the actual toddler telling them who did what... as is the case with today's incident. When I asked him who he bit... he told me - Sean. Figures he bites the kid with the best verbal skills in the class - I'm sure he told him parents that Jack bit him... our only saving grace is that there are 2 Jack's in the class.
Here is a video of Jack this evening - after he stole my Sprite. Listen closely to my last question.

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