Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Early Bird Gets the... Bacon

Another wicked early morning for Jack. Today his internal clock woke him up at 5:15... oy. He's killing us. This morning Stephen tried to give me a break from the early morning routine and go get Jack out of the crib - except Jack wanted nothing to do with him. Sorry Stephen. If nothing else this kid craves routine - and the routine is that Mom gets him first thing in the morning. Aren't I lucky? He also is very particular... about my hair. He doesn't like it if I have it in a ponytail for some reason. He points at my head and says "hair" and I dutifully take my hair out of the ponytail - and he's instantly happy.

Here's a picture from this morning of the 2 boys enjoying a nice bowl of bacon on the couch. Jack actually shares his bacon with Stephen - won't even give me a tiny piece.

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