Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Round-up

Sorry I've been so bad about updating the blog lately. I've been super busy at work and just exhausted by the time Baby Man goes to sleep.

So anyway, we've been going through the motions - going to school, going to work, walking around the neighborhood. Friday night we went out to dinner with a few of our neighbors and their children. Jack was pretty well behaved until he took his tortilla and sour cream and smashed them into the table cloth. I guess that's what 15 month olds do... right?

Then on Saturday Jack and I took a quick trip to Target and then... McDonalds! Again he loved the fries the best... who can blame him?

Then it was time for a game of catch. Jack is getting very good at catching the ball... he tends to use his big belly as a backboard to catch the ball. Here he is throwing the ball back to me... with some force.

Here we are chillin' on the couch as we wait for my friends from high school to show up for a "Girls Night Out." I got a babysitter and we all went out... and then hung out on the deck until 2am. Jack of course didn't care that mommy was up late and was ready to roll at 6am. But when he woke up he felt really hot. He has a bit of a temperature and is cranky (as displayed at breakfast this morning at the Cracker Barrel).

And this is Jack this morning walking around with my friend Jennifer's purse on his arm. He would pick it up, put it over his shoulder and wave "bye." Too freakin' cute.

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