Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun with the Family

Update: Uncle Ed took the hint and sent along this group photo... you'll see that he's missing!

We've just finished up 4 days of intensive family time. From playing with the Seattle cousins to chillin' on the big tractor to dancing and swimming with Grammy and Pooh to playing in Pop Pop's backyard, it's been a busy few days. Jack is also getting very good at saying "hi" and "bye" when appropriate. He also gives that cute reverse wave that all babies do for some reason.

Here is Jack playing with his cousin Kyle... Kyle of course is in a patch of dirt as usual.

Here is Artie (standing behind Pop, Stephen and Jack) pretending to look pregnant.

This is Jack chasing his bottle top. Who needs toys when you can chase plastic nipple coverings?

Why do all of Jack's shorts look like clam diggers? It seems like Karl took a decent amount of pictures, so I'm hoping he sends some along (hint, hint).

Happy Birthday Grandma Rose!

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