Friday, July 25, 2008

A Mother's Love...

I was just reading online that the 57-year old woman who died during the tornado in NH yesterday, died with her 3-month old grandson in her arms. Apparently the storm hit so quickly they didn't have time to run into the basement. The house collapsed around them. When firefighters made their way through the rubble, they found the woman with the baby still in her arms.
I know this story doesn't even compare. But this morning I was playing with Jack in his room before school. I went into the guest bedroom to get an envelope to put the daycare check in and the next thing I knew, I saw Jack standing at the top of our stairs! I literally ran the 15 feet to the stairs and then lunged while yelling, "Jack, No!" I grabbed him by the collar, brought him close and squeezed him tight. In the midst of my not-so-graceful-slide I gave myself this wicked rug burn on my knee.

Obviously a rug burn is a bazillion times better than Jack going head over heels down the 13 stairs. But boy does it sting!

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