Friday, July 4, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Well the Hewig clan from Seattle and Brooklyn descended on Foxboro yesterday. It was a fun filled day... from pizza, to swimming to video gaming to dinner to a trip to the DQ. Here are some pictures, more details to follow.

Artie in the pool

Karen and Jake

Karen and Artie keeping their eye on the kids

Kyle checking out the kiddie pool

Jack eating Cheese Puffs after an exhausting swim

Kyle, Jake and Chatiemac

Jake playing Star Wars on the XBox

Kyle having some quality time with Chatiemac

Stephen mans the grill

Jake takes a picture of me with Jack

Kyle - not on the worst day of his life, ever!

Jack enjoying time watching his cousins

Post-dinner lounging on the deck - oh look, there's Uncle Karl

The 3 boys

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