Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jack Bit Someone!

Oh no... please don't tell me my son is going to become "that kid." You know... the biter! I just hung up with Linda at daycare and apparently Jack turned into a mini-Jaws this morning and bit one of the kids. It wasn't very hard (no mark, no broken skin) but still he can't be the biter in the class!

So I was just looking up what to do to thwart this behavior and there isn't much I can do other than tell him "no bite" after he bites me, Stephen or even the dog or cat.

According to a couple of web sites, younger children often bite when they are teething, overtired, jealous, frustrated, mad, etc., or to simply want see what happens when they bite. I'll tell you what happens when they bite... their mother freaks out.

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