Monday, June 23, 2008

Who needs toys?

Who needs toys when we have recyclables to play with? Yesterday Jack pulled the empty milk jug out of the receptacle and proceeded to carry it around with him during his afternoon jaunt on the driveway. (Those are bubbles on his shirt - from the bubble machine, not spilled milk or juice)

He also took some time to splash in any available puddles and chirp at the neighbors as they ventured outside as well.

Tonight after I picked Jack up at daycare, we went to dinner at Friendly's! We did this because Dad was out of town all day and I was looking to entertain him in some fashion. This definitely worked. His favorite part of the meal (other than the french fries of course) was chewing on each variety of straws that the nice waitress gave us for entertainment.
Now Jack is happily off in dream land, I am finishing up some work and Dad is almost home from a quick trip to Manhattan. Night Night.

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