Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What Jack Likes...

Jack likes a lot of things... but these are some of his favorites:
  • Chatiemac - affectionately known as "D"
  • Screaming and chasing after the cat
  • Ba Ba's (also called Ma Ma's)
  • Da Da
  • Splashy Time
  • Lemonade
  • Tap Dancing
  • Jack's Big Music Show
  • Having his shoes put on
  • Those hard baby toasts
  • Yogurt
  • Cold pizza
  • Being tickled
  • Playing "I'm gonna get you"
  • Flipping through our wedding album
  • Pointing to lights
  • Mr. Bun Bun (his striped stuffed bunny)
  • Playing with the coasters in the family room
  • Closing doors
  • Picking lint off the floor
  • Brushing his teeth
  • Fluoride drops
Coming tomorrow... Jack's dislikes.

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