Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big Open Mouth Kisses!

From blowing kisses to full-open-mouth-tongue-wet-messy-warm kisses... Jack runs the gamut, depending on his varying mood. This morning he was apparently in the mood to lick a camera.

As you've just seen, Jack is wearing just his fleece and a diaper. Every morning when he wakes up he has wet through the super-absorbent overnight diapers, the sheets and of course his jammies. What's with that? Is he releasing too many fluids? Actually this morning when I got him out of the crib, he was wet, but more importantly he has wedged his right leg in between 2 crib rails, all the way up to his thigh. He was acting like an animal caught in a trap. Finally I "un-wedged" his leg and we were off for our morning routine... which is a baba, 1 or 2 "Jack's Big Music Show", some toast and a rousing game of "I'm gonna get you" around the dining room table. Jack likes a routine. Routines are good.

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