Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jack's Mentor

As we did our weekly chores around the house yesterday, Jack took a moment to sit and watch his mentor at work:

That's Stephen filling up the bird feeders while Jack waited patiently for him on the steps of the deck. I took the photo through the window as to not disturb the situation. He had to sit there for a good five minutes just watching his Dad do some work.

Also, check out Jack's new tee shirt. It says "Mr. Barky VonSchnauzer." That's what Stephen calls Jack, so I had the shirt made for Jack and we gave it to Stephen on Father's Day.

Right now Jack is sleeping. When he wakes up we're going to go to Home Depot and wander around for a while. Then if everyone behaves, I might take them out for an afternoon ice cream cone.

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