Thursday, June 12, 2008

Took a tumble... in the tub

So this morning as Stephen was letting the shower water heat up... Jack decided to reach into the tub and try and play with the water. As Stephen walked away for a nano second and right after I said, "Make sure he doesn't fall in, remember Baby Man is top heavy" what do you think happened?
Yes, that's right, he fell in... head first. I quickly scooped him out of the tub, he was just partly wet and more scared than anything else. We then wrapped him in a towel and counted our blessings that nothing worse happened to the little dude. Note to self: no more playing with the faucet.

Tonight after Stephen got home from work he decided to vacuum out the car... yes, this made Jack extremely happy. "What does a vacuum say?" "Vmmmmmmm...." is Jack's response.

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