Monday, June 16, 2008

No School

No school for Jack today... he still wasn't feeling 100%. In fact when I called the Y to let them know that Baby Jack wasn't going to be coming in, they told me 3 other infants had the same stomach bug.

But after yesterday's barf-o-rama all over me in the family room, Jack hasn't thrown up again. So i tried to work from home today with Jack recuperating. Guess which one didn't happen: yes, that's right... work. I probably got about 2 hours worth of work done today. The problem is I am super busy at work right now. In public relations, it's all about billable hours. Your boss (the managing director) likes you to be 100% billable... and right now I think I'm at about 110%. If I'm not, it must just feel like it.

Jack has added more words to his vocabulary: they include bye bye, night night and gitty (kitty). By the way, all Jack talked about today was his father. Boy he loves him! I had changed my screen saver to a picture of Jack with Stephen and he kept pointing to it all day and screaming DaDa. It's okay, it's not like I grew the whole kid and then gave birth to him or anything.

I just signed us up for a milk delivery from Crescent Ridge farm in Sharon, MA. The milk comes in pretty glass bottles. I figure I'm buying the organic stuff any way, we might as well support a local company and use recyclable glass bottles instead of plastic.

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