Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mr. Nosey

Here's Jack being the busy-body of the neighborhood. He likes to peer between the blinds to see what Caitlin and Lauren are doing next door.

In the interest of TMI, I'll tell you what happened to Jack today at school. To start, he hasn't gone #2 in the last few days. Well today was the day for it to try and come out. This morning Jack was quite grouchy and inconsolable. For a while he stood over in the corner and grunted a bit. I checked his diaper, but there was nothing there. When we brought him to school I warned them that he was not feeling so hot (other than the hacking cough). About two hours after we dropped him off, it was time for the movement to begin. He apparently went over to one of the teachers and was tugging on their leg and grabbing his po-po with his other hand. He was apparently able to get a large portion of it out... but it couldn't go all the way because it ran out of room (downfalls of a diaper). So Linda had to help him get it out... but not before putting on a glove! Then he took another hard poop around 5, so hopefully it's all out of his system now. He certainly isn't in as rotten of a mood. I guess I'd be cranky too, can't blame the little guy!

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