Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today I literally dragged Stephen and Jack to a sheepshearing festival in Waltham (Gore Place). We got there around noon time and the place was already packed (you should have seen the line for the sausage!). So we tooled around with Jack in the stroller.
First we visited some cows...
Please note the kid chilling with the big cow in the back of the photo...
Jack wasn't all that impressed with the cows, so we moved on to the sheepies... who didn't look so pleased with the whole idea of getting their haircuts in public... or at all.

One guy was doing it with electric shears... the other by hand. Those must be some sharp blades!
From the sheep we moved on to chickens... (why did we pay $20 to go here, we could just go to Grandma Sheep's!)
They were little chickens, very cute. Not much to watch though so we only chilled with the chickens for a moment. And then look what was right behind us: "The Book Nook." Not sure what it is, or what it has to do with books, but I thought Grammy might find it interesting...
Then we got to the alpacas... the civil war solider-fellas... and then the dancing!

Jack walked right up to the bluegrass band and stood there enjoying the music! Then he literally walked up to every kid in the crowd and stared at them. Jack was moving and groovin' to the music... he really enjoys a good tune! Then he tried Stephen's apple crisp, my fried dough and then shared our soft-serve twist. All in all it was a grand afternoon.
Below is Jack... after he got "stuck" in one position, in front of the crowd, for a bit... he tends to do that a lot when he's wearing his cool new size 4 extra wide sneakers.

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