Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Birthday Bash! (oh, and Jack walked)

What a day... actually what a weekend! More than 40 people showed up Saturday to help wish Jack a very happy 1st birthday. The food was good (and plentiful), the conversation was lively and the guest of honor was his regular well-behaved self. Oh yeah, and he walked! I mean Jack really walked. He let go of furniture and took more than ten steps unassisted and ungoaded (is that a word?). Now he's a walking fool. Anyway, more about the walking later... let's get to the party pictures...
The bubble machine was a big hit... Piper (a little girl from across the street in the jumper and striped shirt) loved it more than anyone. At one point she just stood in front of it and had the bubbles smash in her face. The little guy in the photo is Ryan, our next door neighbors - he is 9 months old... Jack on the floor smashing bubbles and then there's Harper near his sister Piper.

These are the face painters who entertained the masses for more than an hour. Some even washed their face and had them do it all again...Jack just opted for a simple "1" on his cheek.

Here are Owen and Jack giving each other the High Five. And the headless woman with the green shirt is Maria... she is having #2 in July!

A little conversation between in laws and father and son...

Playing this much really works up a man-sized thirst!

Right after the cake... Jack pretty much passed out for more than an hour! He didn't even eat any because he was so tired... but he did tonight (but that's for tomorrow's post!).

All the cousins... (Jack looks pleased!)... from left to right we have Andrew, Ava, Allie, Olivia, Jack, Hunter, Lucie and Elizabeth.
I'd like to thank everyone for coming to share our special day! We really appreciate it and hope everyone had a good time. Tomorrow I will blog about the cake eating and the gifts... with video!

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