Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jack, as you may already know, is a very inquisitive young man. If he is strapped into his car seat, he will crane his neck to look around at trees, people and especially large pieces of machinery (like the bulldozers at the Y). This morning, his ball rolled under his play pen and he tried desperately to reach it. First he peered underneath, then he tried to actually move the play pen. He then looked under again and tried to reach it. Eventually I helped him out...

Is there any nutritional benefit to orange soda?
Just kidding. He didn't drink the soda - his father did - Jack just played with the bottle.

And this is a picture of Jack this morning as we were getting ready to head to school and work. We always work in some time to play with his favorite ride-on dump truck. Notice that his hair is sticking up despite my best attempts at taming that wild and crazy mane.

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