Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Jack

This video is what you get when you go into Jack's room after he wakes up in the morning. Generally he gets up a bit earlier than most would like (around 5:30). But the good thing is that he will just sit there and play with his toys... like his keys, penguin, bunny and monkey... for a while, up to 20 minutes or so. The best thing about being the one to get him out of the crib - he thinks you're his hero and he's what I call "Happy Jack."

And besides being darn cute... he's generous. Wasn't that nice of him to offer up his penguin? Did you notice he was playing with his bunny's tail when I snuck up on him? He loves to play with it and suck on it... the tail is a bit hard from all the saliva.
Tonight Jack has homemade pizza for dinner and he chowed! That was really good since he hasn't been eating all that well again because he's sprouting more teeth. Hopefully this process will be done before his big birthday bash.

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