Sunday, April 6, 2008

Midnight Man

Lately Jack has been waking up crying around midnight. Not sure why, maybe he's trying to push out a few teeth before his big birthday. Regardless, I've been too tired to rock him back to sleep so I've been a bad mom... I've taken him into our bed! Last night when I brought him in (around 2 or so) he was so happy to be there. I mean he was just looking from side to side and grinning from ear to ear. Didn't matter to him that it was the middle of the night, he was just happy to be close to us (actually he wanted to be next to Stephen, he has a thing for him lately).
After 45 minutes of enduring Jack's pure joy it was time to bid him adieu. He just wasn't going to be able to settle himself down so I drew the short straw and brought him back to his crib. I figured at this age he won't remember that I'm the mean one who brought him back! I was sure he was going to scream and cry, but again Baby Man proves me wrong. He whimpered for about 1 minute and then snuggled up to his penguin and bunny and fell asleep 'til 7!
When he woke up he joined us again in bed and this time took ownership of the remote control... hence the photo below:

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