Sunday, April 20, 2008


Chillin' in the crib... he obviously doesn't mind that his leg is wedged in between the rails. Jack was an extremely good napper today. He must be growing again, great... that means I'm going to have to buy even more new clothes.
We took Baby Man out to dinner tonight. He was really well behaved except the screeching at odd points during the evening. I swear he's trying to impersonate a baby raptor... and he's doing a very good job.
His walking has progressed even more (as it should). I betcha he'll be running through the house with the next two weeks. His balance has improved dramatically. He can stop and turn... almost fall over... and then steady himself again.
Today Stephen ripped out the guest bathroom (also known as Jack's bathroom). Since we're not replacing the tile in the shower, we're hoping this is a job that can be done in a few days. We already bought the floor tile, paint and other accessories. Now I have to go online and buy the toilet, vanity and counter top.
I actually have to go into the office in Boston tomorrow. Not a big deal except it's Marathon Monday and my office is about 100 yards from the Finish Line. I can only imagine how packed the train is going to be. Ugh. I wouldn't normally go in, but we have some clients from Reebok coming in to watch the marathon, so I have to make an appearance. I'll let you know how it goes.

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