Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bath, Blankie and ATV Love

Yeah! Bath time! Jack's new fascination is with how water comes out of faucets. Whether it's in the sink or the tub... he's drawn to it like a magnet. Nice buddha belly...

If you put a blanket down on the floor, no matter if it's Jack's hee hee or the dog's towel, he will invariably lay down on it and look really cute. Tonight I finally captured it with the camera:

Jack is also improving in the ATV area. He can now swing his leg over and get on the machine himself. Also note Baby Man's cute outfit. I got it yesterday when I was at Reebok (they're a client).

Unfortunately the little man is constipated again! He's on a steady diet of prunes and prune juice. Let's hope this clears up quickly.

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