Sunday, December 7, 2008

We're 80% there...

So in my estimation... the kitchen is about 80% done.
  • cabinets sanded and painted - check
  • wallpaper stripped - check
  • granite installed - check
  • sink replaced - check
  • faucet installed - check
  • garbage disposal installed - check
  • walls primed and painted - check
  • new bar area installed - check
Left on our list:
  • install wine fridge (arriving Monday)
  • finish crown moulding
  • finish wainscoting and chair rail
  • pick out and install tile back splash
Not too much on the list, Stephen tried valiantly to get it all done today, but alas we will have to survive a few more days without these 3 things... not a big deal at all. The kitchen just looks great... here are some pictures:

Here are the guys from Stone Innovations installing our granite countertop on Friday

This is Stephen hooking up our sink and garbage disposal so we could actually have water!

This is the almost finished bar area - the space on the right is for the wine fridge.

Here is the kitchen after being painted today... looks nice, huh? These 2 pictures are with the "romantic lighting" on... not the full-fledged lights... but it helps differentiate the yellow (above) to the untiled (below).

We should have an "Open Kitchen" when it's all done...

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