Thursday, December 18, 2008

Really? Christmas is just 1 week away?

As you know trying to get a good picture of a toddler is near impossible. Here are some shots from our "photo shoot."

I can't believe that Christmas is just one week away and we don't have our tree yet! Just kidding... we decided to forgo the tree this year. We both had visions of Jack scaling the tree, knocking it over and hurting himself (and our ornaments). We figured he would see plenty of trees at other people's houses. But the thing is, we didn't even put out decorations, hang our lights... nothing. You'd think it was January by looking at the house. I must confess we have been a bit preoccupied with other things lately. Mainly the kitchen, Jack, Stephen's surgery, Jack, taking care of Chatiemac... and of course Jack.

Last night he tried busting out of his crib... twice. I caught him with one leg swung over the rails both times. This could be the beginning "the wandering toddler" that I've heard about. Next thing you know he'll make it out and walk into our room and wake us up. Does this mean we have to put him in a toddler bed so that he doesn't hurt himself trying to flip himself out of the crib? Fortunately the crib we have turns into a toddler bed - so we just need to get the conversion kit from Pottery Barn.

Here is Jack during one of his jaunts last night... he wanted to wear his rain coat and go outside. Umm... it was 3am.

Stephen's elbow is healing pretty well. I think the pain was worse than he had imagined. At least he didn't have nausea when he came out of surgery, like he did for the last bazillion surgeries on his knee.

Finished addressing the Christmas cards today, now I just have to get them to the post office tomorrow before the big snow storm!!!

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