Sunday, December 7, 2008


When Jack awoke this morning he found snow covering his sky lights... and the ground... and the cars... and the street! It made him very happy. He is definitely an "outside boy." While he enjoyed his first MaMa of the day, he sat in his little gingham chair near the back door to enjoy the falling snow.

Then we headed outside while Stephen worked on the kitchen some more (and more and more and more - separate post coming about kitchen). It wasn't too chilly outside and we were pretty well bundled up... that was until Jack decided he is anti-mitten.

Then our neighbor Ryan decided to get in on the fun and his father, Tom, brought out the sled! First he just dragged the boys around the neighborhood and then we hit Howie's Hill (he lives across the street). Poor Tom must have dragged the boys up and down the hill 50 times today, but they loved it...

First we tried having both boys sit, but what ended up happening is that the boy in front would lean back almost pushing the one behind... off the sled. So we changed to both lying down... Jack on the bottom (he outweighs Ryan by a good 5lbs!).

After the sledding extravaganza was over... it was nap time for both. I know Jack slept for almost 3 hours... and Ryan had a healthy nap as well. A little good clean living here in Foxboro!

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