Friday, December 26, 2008

Grandpa Tractor + the Vacuum

Grandpa Tractor gave Jack his first tractor ride this afternoon. I thought bringing him out to the barn and starting up the tractor would make him nervous - wrong! He loved it. When Dad asked if he wanted to go for a ride he did not hesitate answering yes and lunging forward toward the cab of the tractor.


During the tractor ride, Dad took Jack to see his neighbor's cows. That was a crowd pleaser as well. Moo was the first animal noise that Jack mastered. He also had a good time chasing the cats, Buddy and Butch. He'd call them by yelling, "Buuu..." They made a smart decision and didn't go anywhere near Jack.

Jack also got another Christmas gift today. He got the gift of cleanliness from Uncle Ed and Aunt Joanne. They are both big fans of the blog and have noticed Jack's love of vacuums from earlier posts. When they were shopping for Jack's gifts they bypassed Elmos, trucks and other random toys and headed right for this...


Jack knows how to turn it on and off already... and apparently this thing eventually does suck up enough dirt and fur that you have to empty the canister. I can't wait to get a picture of Jack and Stephen vacuuming in tandem...

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