Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Children's Museum

On Monday, I took Jack to the Saratoga Children's Museum. We met the Duffy's there for some mid-morning fun. Jack and Abby (who is just 5 weeks older than Jack) played together... while Michelle's older girls entertained themselves (oh the joy!). From putting on a play, playing in a giant bubble and working in the "kitchen" it was a lot of fun.

Here is Jack on the firetruck... pretending to be Grandpa Tractor.

Doing an animal puzzle in the school room... this is before he dumped the pieces all over the floor.

Playing "school" with Abby...

Watching the big girls play in the bubble maker.

Here is Jack in his Doctor's coat... pretending to be Pooh.

When the kids are older maybe we'll be able to finish up these kinds of "dates" with a nice lunch. But at this point in the kids' lives, we had to head home for nap time... not lunch time.

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