Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Terrible 2s?

Is it possible to be in your "Terrible 2's" even before you hit 2? If so, then I think we're there. On a handful of occasions lately, Jack has gotten very upset that he can't do what he wants to do. Whether it's stand on the coffee table or get in his pajamas - he wants to do what he wants to do and that's it. Now he gets mad and cries and runs away from me. But the comical thing is that while he's in the middle of his fit... he will peek at me to make sure I'm watching him cry (which I am) he then goes back to crying. Eventually he stops, looks at me and runs to me for a hug. I guess this is just part of growing up.

Hey, but he did go poo poo on the Elmo potty again... woo hoo!

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