Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome home Daddy!

So Stephen made it home today after a few days on the road. Jack was more than happy to see him. I think he was doing the happy dance when he saw him for the first time. This despite, the honkin' bruise on his forehead - thanks to a head first dive into a chair today at daycare.
They wrestled, they bathed, they watched Jack's Big Music Show - it was a fine reunion for the 2 men in my life!
And a news flash - Jack has a new favorite food - black olives! Go figure?

Check out the blurry picture below - look about an inch above his right eye for the bruise:

Here are the 2 boys on the way up the stairs to get ready for bed...

Like his overalls? They used to be Harper's!

Fight time!

After these pictures were taken... Stephen started feeling really sick. Fever, chills, other "things"... I hope he feels better soon. And I hope Jack doesn't get it... oh boy.

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