Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Thanksgiving Weekend...

Thanksgiving this year is a 4 day weekend... with a little bit of work sprinkled in between. We started out with a nice traditional turkey dinner at the Francomano's and ended with a meal with the Kerr's (Hillary's parents).

We decided our best option for travel was to leave on Thanksgiving morning as to avoid all the traffic on the previous night... wrong. We got stuck in 10 mile back-up on the Mass Pike. All those people heading south on 84 ruined it for everyone else continuing west bound. Finally we made it upstate for dinner with Jack sleeping for just 45 minutes of the 3 and half hour ride. That's a lot of Backyardigans and Barney. After dinner Jack went right to bed and slept pretty well. As you know sometimes when kids get overtired their sleep is not as sound... but he made it through just fine.

Then on Friday, after I worked a bit in the morning on Best Buy stuff, we headed to Grandma Sheep's house for a nice Black Friday lunch. Except we started out behind the 8 ball because Jack decided this would be the day he takes a 3 hour nap! But we never wake a sleeping baby, so we just waited it out. Jack played outside for a while, visited the chickens and ran around the green house. Here is a picture of Mom and Jack having a nice restful "ma ma." Apparently my mother still thinks Jack is a baby!

Then we went up to my Grandmother's place for dinner with Grandpa Tractor, Grandma Rose, Uncle Eddie, Aunt Joanne and my brother Karl... of course I forgot my camera in the car. Karl took a lot of pictures, but I'm sure we'll never see them! If he does send some I will post the pictures on the blog. (does guilt work with you Karl?) Instead of eating Jack decided he was going to play with some half deflated balloons and run up and down the hall yelling. Whatever floats your boat kid. Jack fell asleep in the car on the way home and didn't even open an eye when I unbuckled him from the car seat and placed him in the crib. Ahh... to sleep like a baby again.

Tonight we went over to the Kerr's for a nice little dinner of lasagna and salad. Very nice... and very nice company. Prior to dinner, Jack took a liking to Uncle Bobby and was feeding him crackers... by the mouthful!

Jack was doing great until everyone sat down for dinner and he decided he needed to hold a wine glass - not just sip from one - but actually hold one. Since I didn't let that happen - the next thing I knew Jack had tears streaming down his face. Hence Stephen and I took turns entertaining him while the other ate. Eventually his cousin Olivia took over and pretended to be a train conductor and carried him all over the house. Then Ava (another cousin) played cars with him on the coffee table and ran the cars all over the remaining cheese from the appetizers. This photo is of Ava with Jack (and yes, that's a large cheese knife in his hand).

We left around 8:45, so you can imagine how tired Baby Man was... he's sleeping right now and I anticipate maybe staying that way 'til 7???

Back home tomorrow... gotta keep working on the kitchen.

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