Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Recap

More swimming today! This time we took Grandma Sheep with us to the Y for lessons. She took a million pictures and videos. Here is one of Jack jumping to me (just look past the kid in front of us). He bobs right back to the surface!

But first... we have to shower. Now that Jack actually likes the shower this is much easier to accomplish.

Then it's time to pay attention to the teacher as she tells us which activity to do next... Jack looks a tad bored.

Oh wait... he is having a good time!

For awhile Jack coveted the lifeguard's Vitamin Water. He even tried flirting with her to get his hands on it...

Here we are playing "tick tock." The point to this game is to get his ears wet so he gets used to it...

I am so proud of Jack!

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