Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Separation Anxiety?

I thought kids were supposed to go through separation anxiety around 14 months? Well Jack is clearly going through it now at 19 months (or a year and a half as Stephen says). If he's not with me or Stephen - it's very likely that Jack could burst into tears. Hopefully this phase will pass quickly. Another phase I hope passes quickly is the one where Jack wakes up at midnight and decides it's time to play. In just the last week, he's done this 3 times. He'll scream and cry until one of us comes to get him and then once we do all he wants to do is play. He wants to grab Phoebe. He wants to jump on our bed or sometimes he wants to go downstairs to watch a show. Enough of this, I need my sleep.
I was in NYC for the day. Got the 6:30am train down and the 4:00pm train back. I'm exhausted. Grammy and Pooh are here visiting - mainly so Stephen and his father could go to Boston College to see St. John's play in a pre-season tournament. Jack can now say: Pooh

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