Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday is a Fun... and very busy... day.

Unfortunately I had to miss Michelle's big Boston bachelorette party last night... but I tried to "make up for it" a little bit by heading into the city with Jack this morning to meet the hungover ladies. And boy were they hungover. I think, for some of us, our tolerance for alcohol gets lower.

Anyway, Jack and I met Michelle, Christy, Mandi and Tonya (Michelle's sister) at their hotel this morning for breakfast. We decided to eat at the hotel - but there was a 20 minute wait so I had to keep Jack entertained. Fortunately there was a large staircase near the restaurant which Jack climbed up and down (only falling once). Guess what he ate for breakfast? Yep, bacon... and a big piece of cantaloupe.

After we ate the ladies decided a little fresh air was in order. We walked from the hotel, in Downtown Crossing, through Boston Common and the Public Garden. We stopped where the swans normally are to check out the waterfowl. We saw some ducks and geese... but no swans.

Jack still enjoyed the view... and Christy was on the phone (canceling her credit card misplaced the night before) and Mandi )carbo-loading to try and recover!).

From there we headed to Newbury Street... but instead of checking out overpriced high-end stores... we ended up at Filene's Basement. Everyone found something for a damn good price... and Jack... snoozed!

After the Basement we headed back to the hotel (not before running into Matt, Maria, Owen and Ethan on the street!) and Jack and I hit the road. When we got home we did some more choo choo's, ate some lunch and then decided to make chocolate chip cookies. Since Jack didn't get to see Owen and Ethan (since he was sleeping) we brought them the cookies and 2 of Jack's Halloween creations that we made last night. Owen was very gracious accepting his crafty-gift and Ethan wanted to eat it! We played outside for more than an hour and then it was time to get home to eat dinner and take a bath. We were both so exhausted... Jack feel asleep very easily and I'm heading to bed right now. Night Night.

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