Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Mama is History!

Last post I told you that Stephen and I were going to ban the mama. We did it. It is gone. Jack asks for it every once in awhile, but for the most part he's over it. The worst time for us is probably at nighttime. If he does ask for a mama we just remind him that he gave them to "the baby" and we don't have any in the house. Let's just hope he doesn't go in the storage closet in the garage :)

So now that we don't have Jack drinking a ton of milk every day - he's clearly turned to solid food to keep him going. I now have a full-fledged eater on my hands. For example this morning he ate 4 pieces of bacon, a mini bagel with butter, 6 strawberries and some purple juice for breakfast. Then he chowed on an apple for snack and ate 2 hot dogs with tater tots for lunch. Who is this kid? I may be saving money on milk - which he hasn't wanted all week - but the food bill is certainly going to increase. This is a good thing.

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