Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2009! For a while Jack was insisting on being a Stop Sign for Halloween - finally he went back to his original idea, which was to be a firefighter. Jack had a great time trick or treating with Ryan tonight. The boys went to about 5 houses, rang the doorbells, said trick or treat and collected candy. I was very proud of them. After they got some loot we staked out the front yard and handed out candy to kids walking through the neighborhood. The boys really had a great time handing out the candy - it was probably their favorite part of the night.

We also had pizza (courtesy of Tom) for dinner and watched the full moon through the spotty clouds. The weather was great - started at about 70 degrees and maybe got down into the 50s.

Jack the Firefighter with Ryan the Dinosaur.

This was from Jack's school. He was playing with the "spider web" with Abby (Sleeping Beauty) and Nick (Elmo).

Taking a Reese's Peanut Butter break while lounging in his Adirondack chair.

Here's our scary front porch. Grandma Sheep and Jack carved the big pumpkin this morning (actually Sheep also GREW the pumpkin!). I put up the Halloween tape and Stephen set up a speaker that was playing creepy Halloween music.

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