Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bass Pro

Who knew going to Bass Pro shops could be so entertaining for both kids and adults. Jack and I headed over there with Sarah and Ryan on Sunday afternoon. Apparently Sarah and Ryan go there all the time because Ryan has an intense love of ATVs thanks to his Grampy. So the first thing you do when you go there is sit on the ATVs outside the store. Jack chose the dark green one to try out first. These things aren't cheap either. This one was "on sale" for like 5k.

Then Ryan wanted to give Jack a ride on the red one. I think Ryan would stay here all day if his mom let him.

Then we went into the store, checked out the fish in the huge tank and then headed outside to the cranberry bog. They just turned it into a nature trail (sponsored by our friends at Ocean Spray).

Here's a nice mother-son shot...

There's a nice wooden bridge that crosses into the bog... and for some reason there's this huge sculpture of a sheep...

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