Saturday, October 10, 2009

Glitter Eyeball Pumpkins!

Jack and I were looking for something to do this afternoon so we went to Borders to get a book. Jack liked running up and down the aisles, I'm not so sure all the customers felt the same way. Oh well, if they want quiet they can go to the library. We ended up getting a Halloween Max (from Max & Ruby) book, but one other thing Jack wanted was a tub of crafty things. Problem was it was $27! I was like - what??? No way. So we bought the book and headed to Michael's to pick out our own craft supplies.

We got googley eyeballs, glitter, feathers, glue sticks, confetti ghosts and spiders, construction paper and foam pumpkins. When we got home we quickly set up our craft area (aka the kitchen table) and got to work. Jack is quite adept at the glue stick but the feathers kept getting stuck to his fingers.

Then I asked Jack what he is planning on being for Halloween... lately the answer has been a "stop sign." Not sure where he got that idea... but I do think it's creative!

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